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For Individual Registrations:

Visit our online registration system to buy courses online:

If your organization has a portal, register for courses available to you in your portal:

If you are creating a new account, you will receive an email from with your username, password, and login instructions when your account has been approved. You will receive one email for each course that is added to your personal desktop.

Please read all emails carefully for directions regarding accessing CPKN's system, the course, and support information.

Visit our FAQ's or contact Support if you have difficulties in processing your registration or in accessing your account.

If you prefer to register using a paper-based form, download and complete the Word Document Registration Form and email it to Support.

For Group Registrations:

Note: Group registrations are typically processed within 3 business days.

If registering a group for a free offering, payment information is not required. In these cases, please disregard section 'B. Payment Information' of the group registration form.

  1. DOWNLOAD the group registration form: Microsoft Excel.
  2. OPEN the form in Microsoft Excel and COMPLETE (please type answers). Please note that there are TWO worksheets in this form.
  3. SAVE the completed form to your computer.
  4. EMAIL the completed form to CPKN at
  5. Once the registration is processed by CPKN, each participant will receive three emails containing their username, password and login instructions.
  6. Please request that all participants carefully read the emails for directions regarding accessing CPKN's system, the course and support information.