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CPKN is an integral part of the national police community and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing police services from across the country. The organization was built on a foundation of collaboration with a National Advisory Committee that provides expertise, guidance and advice on issues ranging from topic selection to planning the Stanhope Workshop. In addition to the National Advisory Committee, CPKN works collaboratively with Subject Matter Experts from police services, training organizations, and other agencies to design, develop, and deliver high quality products.  As a not-for-profit, the collaborative efforts of CPKN are some of the ways the organization can provide value to the public safety community.


The key to our success is the network. CPKN provides value back to police and public safety through a variety of collaborative efforts.

Conferences & Events

CPKN hosts the Stanhope Conference each year. It is the national forum for sharing knowledge and best practices related to police training and the discussion of emerging issues. The conference continues to evolve to keep pace with ongoing transitions within the police training community. 80+ training managers and public safety community members attend the annual Stanhope Conference.

In addition, CPKN hosts annual user-group meetings, attends conferences/events, and participates as a member on a number of national committees.

Sponsoring or securing funding for ‘free’ training initiatives

Free Learning Resources are made available to a national audience through the CPKN course catalogue. Examples of such resources include: Naloxone Nasal Spray Administration, Information and Communication Technology in the Context of Crowd Control; and, Back in Step: Police and First Responders Helping Homeless Veterans.

Competency Framework

A strong Competency-based Management Framework (CBMF) will strengthen the professionalism and standardization of policing in Canada. CPKN was entrusted to hold intellectual property to the CBM framework that was developed, with sector input, by the former Police Sector Council. In November 2018, CPKN facilitated a workshop about police competencies in Canada and a report is available by following the link below.

National training initiatives/standardization

CPKN helps to facilitate and participate in conversations about national level police training. This includes collaborating on committees, and working to develop national training resources with national advisory committees.



The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) has endorsed CPKN's mandate since 2006.

Get Involved!

Would you like to contribute to the CPKN Network? Learn more about the different ways you can get involved by joining a sub-committee, contributing to the NPTI or working as a subject matter expert!