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National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee has members from public safety organizations across Canada that provide expertise, guidance and advice on issues ranging from course topic selection to the planning of the annual Stanhope Conference.

Current members of the National Advisory Committee are:


Director Paul Hebert, Chair

Ontario Police College


Chief Superintendent Sue Decock

Ontario Provincial Police


Inspector Chuck Byham

York Regional Police Service


Betty Froese

Learning and Development, Vancouver Police Department


Inspector Trevor Hermanutz

Edmonton Police Service


Chief Superintendent Larry Montgomery

Pacific Region Training Unit, RCMP


Sergeant Sean O’Brien

Toronto Police Service


Tom Stamatakis

President, Canadian Police Association


Geneviève Tremblay

Learning and Development, RCMP


Staff Sergeant Dave Tutte

Halton Regional Police Service


Darla Blackmore

Learning and Development, Calgary Police Service


Simon Paré

Public Safety Canada


Jason Colon

Manitoba First Nations Police


Dave DeAngelis

Peel Regional Police Service

NAC Sub-Committees

CPKN's NAC has sub-committees to explore current issues impacting police learning and education. Currently, we have the following sub-committees:

Collaboration & Engagement

Learning Needs

Innovation and Best Practices


Join Us!

If you are a member of a Canadian public safety organization with time, energy and ideas to contribute, please get in touch! Joining one of our sub-committees is an excellent way to participate in a national group that is committed to the best quality technology-enhanced learning for public safety and Canadian police.