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About CPKN


Canada's Leader in Police Training and Education

Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) is a national not-for-profit supported by a National Advisory Committee, guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and the following core principles:

  • We engage and consult with the communities we serve.
  • We exist to lead and inspire professional development in policing.
  • We collaborate to leverage knowledge, research, and innovative practices.
  • We are inclusive, respectful, and committed to the values of Canadian and First Nations policing.


Drive excellence in professional development for policing


To develop police professionals through innovative learning solutions that meet the evolving needs of Canadian and First Nations policing.

We carry this out by:

  • Fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and leading practices.
  • Providing access to relevant, cost-effective, innovative learning solutions.
  • Enhancing consistency in professional development for policing.


CPKN was established in 2004 in response to a recognized need for cost-effective and efficient training and knowledge sharing for Canadian police and public safety professionals. Members of the police community collaborated with government and academic organizations including the National Research Council Canada, the Police Sector Council, and Holland College‘s Justice Knowledge Network to create CPKN.

What began with 4 online courses and a handful of partners has grown considerably!