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Canada's Leader in Police Training and Education

Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) is a large network operating as a not-for-profit supported by a National Advisory Committee,  guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and the following core principles:

  • We 'for police, by police'.
  • We exist to lead and inspire professional development in policing.
  • We collaborate and leverage knowledge, experience and best practices.
  • We are inclusive, respectful and committed to the values of Canadian policing.


As a network, CPKN's mission is to deliver high quality technology-enhanced professional development that meets the evolving needs of Canadian policing.

We carry out our mission through four core activities:

  • Provide access to timely, relevant, high quality, cost effective technology-enhanced learning that responds to
    and anticipates needs;
  • Foster “the Network” in support of collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • Work within the policing sector to effectively integrate learning innovation; and
  • Advance efforts that enhance the professionalism of the policing sector.


Driving excellence in policing professional development.


CPKN was established in 2004 in response to a recognized need for cost-effective and efficient training and knowledge sharing for Canadian police and public safety professionals. Members of the police community collaborated with government and academic organizations including the National Research Council Canada, the Police Sector Council, and Holland College‘s Justice Knowledge Network to create CPKN.

What began with 4 online courses and a handful of partners has grown considerably!

Today, CPKN consists of:



The key to our success is the network. CPKN provides value back to police and public safety through a variety of collaborative efforts.


An annual conference that brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and trainers dedicated to advance and evolve police training and education. Stanhope is now the #1 police training event of the year!

Competency-based Framework

A strong Competency-based Management (CBM) framework will strengthen the professionalism and standardization of policing in Canada. In November 2018, CPKN hosted a workshop to discuss the current use of competencies among Canadian police services.

National Police Training Inventory (NPTI)

Hosted and supported by CPKN, the NPTI was created by the National Advisory Committee to increase learning collaboration and efficiencies across the sector.

National training initiatives/standardization

CPKN helps to facilitate and participate in conversations about national level police training. This includes collaborating on committees, and working to develop national training resources with national advisory committees.

Sponsoring or securing funding for ‘free’ training initiatives

Free Learning Resources are made available to a national audience through the CPKN course catalogue. Examples of such resources include: Naloxone Nasal Spray Administration, Information and Communication Technology in the Context of Crowd Control; and, Back in Step: Police and First Responders Helping Homeless Veterans.

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police


The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) has endorsed CPKN's mandate since 2006.