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New Courses Available

We're excited to announce the four new courses that have been added to CPKN's course catalogue for May.

Police Investigative Process into Currency Counterfeiting

The purpose of this eLearning is to give initial investigation guidelines for first responders, including how to identify counterfeit currency and how to process it. It will also advise of your authority to detain or investigate such cases, how the Calgary Police Service Counterfeit Coordinator and Economic Crimes Unit can assist you.

This course was originally developed for Calgary Police Service (CPS) and some content may be specific to CPS employees. Please check your own service’s policies, procedures, and resources as they relate to this topic.

Presented in partnership with the Calgary Police Service.

Firearm Seizures – In the Interest of Public Safety

This course is designed to combat Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), mental wellness and other concerns involving firearms by providing law enforcement with information on how to take immediate action to search for and seize firearms and Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PAL cards) when there is a risk to public safety.

Presented in partnership with the Ontario Police College and the Chief Firearms Office.

Cyber Flipbook for Law Enforcement

The Cyber Flipbook provides up-to-date training and investigative information on cybercrime with information from law enforcement organizations, cyber security experts, and academic institutions.

This is being offered as a Learning Resource, and can be found in the Additional Learning Resource folder on the Learning Management System (LMS).




Presented in partnership with Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Sexual Offence Investigations

Sexual offences can be some of the most challenging cases for police officers to investigate. If you receive a call and the person on the other end of the phone reports that a sexual assault occurred, would you know what to do? In this course, we learn how to complete the vital steps of this type of investigation.


Presented in partnership with Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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