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New Courses Available

We're excited to announce the three new courses that have been added to CPKN's course catalogue for April.

Indigenous Awareness 101: Promoting Culturally Safe Practices

This course has been created to promote an increased understanding about Indigenous peoples in Canada, both in past and present.

Presented in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department.

Sleep and Shiftwork


Learn how to proactively manage fatigue risk and plan for a healthy shift at work and at home.

Presented in partnership with Calgary Police Service.

Finding Your Way® Dementia Response Training

In this training, participants will learn the signs and symptoms of dementia, tips for engaging with a person living with dementia and their care partner, search techniques for a missing person living with dementia, situations police might be involved with a person living with dementia, and resources available across Ontario.

This program is presented in partnership with Alzheimer Society of Ontario.

If you require any assistance, please contact