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Meet Erin Kitchen!

We are proud to introduce our new Director of Learning Innovation Erin Kitchen.

Originally hailing from Northern Ontario, Erin now calls Prince Edward Island her home. Erin has been with CPKN for three years as an Instructional Designer. In her new role as Director of Learning Innovation, Erin is eager to contribute to strategies that enhance our organizational capacity to meet the needs of our partners and learners, and to leverage elearning technologies for excellence in professional development for policing.

For the last 10+ years, she has been employed in workplace training, development, and elearning across various sectors including security and defence, industrial/manufacturing, private education, and post-secondary education. Erin is dedicated to her own lifelong learning. She seek out opportunities for collaboration to share what she has learned and learn from others.

Erin has the mindset that “anything is possible!”. She firmly believe that with some out-of-the-box thinking, resourcefulness, and support from peers, we can achieve our mission to develop police professionals through innovative learning solutions that meet the evolving needs of Canadian and First Nations policing.