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COURSE UPDATE! Introduction to the Cannabis Legislation

In October 2019, the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations were amended to permit the authorized sale of three new classes of cannabis: edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals. As a result, the Introduction to the Cannabis Legislation course has been updated to reflect the new classes of cannabis; effects of the ingestion of edible cannabis; updated links to provincial cannabis regulations; and new reference materials.
Updates in the course material can be found in the following sections of the course:
Module 2 What is Cannabis? Section: Consumption of Cannabis
Updates to the section titled: “Edibles”
Module 3 Offences and Penalties Section: What Can Adults do Under the Cannabis Act       Table language updates to include “edible cannabis”
Module 3 Offences and Penalties Section: Equivalent Amounts                                             Table updates, addition of Solids Containing Cannabis
Module 4 Other Considerations Section: Provincial and Territorial Legislation
Updates to provincial legislation links
Module 8 Conclusion Section: Resources                                                                                                       Four new resources related to edibles added

It is important to know that no new criminal offences have been created under the Cannabis Act.
Anyone enrolled and/or completed of the course will receive access to the most recent version of the course with these changes.