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CPKN announces new Director of Innovation

The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) is pleased to announce that they have named Chantelle Ivanski as their new Director of Innovation. Ivanski joined the CPKN team in July as the Learning Innovation Advisor where she quickly impressed the network with her critical thinking skills, and determination to tackle whatever challenge she has been faced with.

“Chantelle brings a fresh perspective, a passion for creativity, and a relentless pursuit of possibilities,” said Krystine Richards, Vice President of Operations, CPKN. “She demonstrates exceptional leadership and guidance as it relates to innovation. We look forward to seeing what she brings to this new role.”

In her new role, Ivanski will be responsible for driving learning innovation within the network. She will oversee existing products, develop strategies for innovation, identify best practices and opportunities for growth, and lead cross-functional teams to see projects through to completion.

“CPKN is in a period of growth, and we have the opportunity to build off this amazing foundation and take it to the next level,” said Ivanski. “I am excited to be working for an organization where I feel like I can make the world a better place.”

Ivanski came to CPKN with over nine years of experience working and studying in post-secondary. She is currently finishing her doctor of philosophy degree in social and personality psychology. The curiosity and critical thinking that she’s fostered through her research will bring credibility to CPKN’s Department of Innovation.

“I’m eager to contribute to CPKN’s strategies, work with the network, and further strengthen the organization’s ability to drive excellence in Canadian and First Nations policing,” says Ivanski.