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2017 F. Darren Smith Award

The 2017 F. Darren Smith Award of Excellence was presented to Sergeant Sean O’Brien, Toronto Police Service during the 2017 Stanhope Workshop. In his current role as E-Learning and Learning Network Specialist, Sean is responsible for the research, development and implementation of Toronto Police College e-learning solutions.

“Sean has demonstrated outstanding leadership through his collaborative project work with CPKN and with the Toronto Police Service. He has actively engaged in opportunities to work with other services and training departments to ensure the best e-learning is available to all officers across the country,” says Sandy Sweet, President of CPKN.

Sergeant O’Brien’s colleagues recognize him as a leader through his efforts to continuously strengthen his own knowledge and professional expertise and encouraging others to do the same.
About CPKN, Sean says: “The most important thing about CPKN is that it brings together a community – one that shares resources and allows all services to access larger learning opportunities.”

The F. Darren Smith Award recognizes individuals who have created a compelling vision of the future of learning within their organizations; initiates new projects that use Technology Enhanced Learning solutions; and, inspires and motivates colleagues to embrace technology enhanced learning. “CPKN’s Board of Directors is pleased to continue to honour the Darren’s contribution and legacy. present this award to Sean O’Brien,” says Sandy Sweet. “Sean, who worked with Darren, embodies the true spirit of the award.”

2017 F. Darren Smith Award

Pictured are: Chief Kimberley Greenwood, Chair of the CPKN Board of Directors; Sergeant Sean O'Brien; and, Sandy Sweet, President of CPKN.