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Are you a government employee working in a law enforcement or public safety capacity? For example law enforcement for environment, parks, fisheries and oceans and/or government investigators.

Other Federal, Provincial and Municipal Employees: Anyone employed by a government department who, has public safety or law enforcement as a part of their role, for example, enforcement officers from Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada, investigators from Canada Revenue Agency, wardens from Parks Canada.

Name Language (En/Fr) Content Provider Length Price
Active Shooter / Armed Intruder Awareness En/Fr Public Safety Canada 0.30 hours $25.00
Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviours En Dogs of Distinction 0.25 hours $25.00
Autism Spectrum Disorder En Toronto Police Service 1 hour $0.00
Canadian Credible Leadership Series En 60 hours $500.00
Cannabis (Marijuana) Legislation: Impact on Workplace Safety En Sayle Group, Safety Culture Works 1 hour $50.00
CannEd – Cannabis Education for Employers and Employees En RCU Group 1 hour $56.00
CNIB Emergency Intervenor Services Program En Waterloo Regional Police Service 0.75 hours $25.00
Coach Officer Training En/Fr NA 2.5 hours $50.00
Commercial Vehicle Information for Frontline Police Officers En Ottawa Police Service 2 hours $50.00
Convicted Offender Submissions for the National DNA Data Bank (NDDB) En/Fr Content for this course was provided by the RCMP. 2 hours $0.00
Counterfeit Currency Analysis En/Fr RCMP 3 hours $25.00
Counterfeit Payment Card Analysis En/Fr RCMP 3 hours $25.00
Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents En/Fr RCMP 2.5 hours $50.00
Courtroom Testimony Skills for Intercept Monitor Analysts En/Fr RCMP 4 hours $50.00
CPIC Query Narrative Course En/Fr Canadian Police Information Centre 4 hours $50.00
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design En RCMP 2 hours $25.00
Crime Stoppers – Protecting Informer Identity En Waterloo Regional Police 0.5 hours $25.00
Crisis Intervention and De-escalation En BC Ministry of Justice 3.5 hours $25.00
Crisis Intervention and De-escalation (Atlantic Police Academy) En BC Ministry of Justice 3.5 hours $25.00
Critical Incident Stress Management En/Fr York Regional Police 3 hours $25.00
Cultural Awareness and Humility En/Fr RCMP 3 hours $50.00
Customer Service in the Police Environment En Steve Pilote 2 hours $25.00
Cyberbullying Awareness (Under Construction) En Vancouver Police Department 2 hours $25.00
Death Notification En Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada 2 hours $50.00
Deception Detection for Frontline Officers En Solaris Intelligence. 1 hour $25.00
Digital Evidence: Front Line Investigation En York Regional Police 2 hours $25.00
Drug Identification En RCMP. 2 hours $50.00
Epilepsy and Seizure Response Training for Police Officers En Canadian Epilepsy Alliance 0.75 hours $25.00
BC Evidence-based, Risk-focused Intimate Partner Violence Investigations En This course has been developed by the British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. 5 hours $25.00
Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS) En Calgary Police Service 1 hour $25.00
Federal Parolees and the Community Corrections Team En Edmonton Police Service 1 hour $25.00
Firearms Identification for Public Agents 2.0 (Under Construction) En/Fr RCMP Canadian Firearms Program 5 hours $50.00
Forensic Evidence Collection En RCMP National Forensic Services 4 hours $25.00
Forensic Identification Pre-Course En/Fr Canadian Police College 3 hours $50.00
General Investigative Training – Part 1 (Under Construction) En Ontario Police College 16 hours $200.00
Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage En Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2 hours $25.00
Interviewing Suspects En Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP). 1 hour $50.00
Interviewing Victims and Witnesses En Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP) 1 hour $100.00
Impairment at the Workplace En Vancouver Police Department 1.5 hours $50.00
Improving the Reporting of Cybercrime through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey En/Fr Statistics Canada .25 hours $25.00
Infectious Disease and Pandemic Preparedness En/Fr Respond Solutions Inc. 0.5 hours $25.00
Information and Communications Technologies in the Context of Crowd Control En/Fr École nationale de police du Québec $0.00
Introduction to Criminal Intelligence En/Fr Canadian Police College 2 hours $50.00
Introduction to Criminal Intelligence Analysis En Canadian Police College 4 hours $50.00
Introduction to Disclosure En/Fr RCMP 1.5 hours $50.00
Introduction to Human Trafficking En/Fr RCMP National Human Trafficking Section 3 hours $25.00
Introduction to Major Case Management (Under Construction) En RCMP 2 hours $50.00
Introduction to the Cannabis Legislation En/Fr RCMP 2.5 hours $50.00
Introduction to Trauma and Sexual Assault Investigations En Alberta Solicitor General 1.5 hours $50.00
Investigating Serious Injuries and Fatalities in the Workplace En/Fr 1.5 hours $0.00
Items of Religious Significance: Hindu Religion En/Fr Toronto Police Service 0.5 hours $25.00
Items of Religious Significance: Religion of Islam En/Fr Toronto Police Service 0.5 hours $25.00
Items of Religious Significance: Sikh Religion En/Fr Toronto Police Service 0.5 hours $25.00
2SLGBTQ+ En/Fr Toronto Police Service 2 Hours $25.00
Mental Health Self-Awareness for First Responders En/Fr York Regional Police 2 hours $0.00
Methamphetamine and the Precursor Control Regulation En/Fr CIROC 1 hour $50.00
Naloxone Nasal Spray Administration En/Fr RCMP 0.5 hours $0.00
Note Taking En/Fr AACP 0.5 hours $25.00
Nova Scotia Cannabis Control Act (Bill 108) En Nova Scotia Department of Justice 0.5 hours $50.00
Organized Retail Crime En Calgary Police Service 0.5 hours $25.00
Overview of Intercepting Private Communications En/Fr RCMP 3 hours $50.00
Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (Under Construction) En RCMP 2.5 hours $25.00
Personal Protection Strategy for Infection Prevention and Control En/Fr Peel Regional Police Service 1.5 hours $25.00
Police Ethics and Accountability En/Fr Dr. Rick Parent 2 hours $50.00
Preventing Officer-involved Collisions En OPP 3 hours $25.00
Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons En/Fr Dalhousie University, Department of Psychiatry 2 hours $50.00
Report Writing En AACP 1.5 hours $25.00
Respectful Workplaces Within British Columbia (Under Construction) En Vancouver Police Department 0.75 hours $25.00
Risk Effective Decision Making En AACP 0.5 hours $25.00
Scenario Based Mental Health and De-escalation Training En Pro-Training Mental Health Awareness 1.5 hours $50.00
Seized Firearms Safety En/Fr RCMP Canadian Firearms Program 3 hours $50.00
Terrorism Event Pre-Incident Indicators En/Fr RCMP 1.5 hours $25.00
The Authentic Leader En Sinogap Solutions. 1 hour $50.00
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader En Sinogap Solutions 3 hours $200.00
Unfounded Sexual Offences En Calgary Police Service 0.5 hours $25.00
Uniform Crime Reporting En/Fr Statistics Canada 2 hours $50.00
Using a Trauma-Informed Approach En/Fr RCMP 2 hours $50.00
Victim Rights in Canada En/Fr 1 hour $0.00
WHMIS 2015 En 1.5 hours $25.00
Name Language (En/Fr) Content Provider Length Price