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RCMP PKI Local Registration Authority

$15.00 for recertification (every 3 years)

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Length (in hours)
1 hour

Release Date
March 2021

Registration Process

To access secure police services applications, members must register for personal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials through the RCMP PKI Certificate Authority (CA) in Ottawa. Outside of Ontario, police agencies that require PKI services from the RCMP must have a certified Local Registration Authority (LRA). An LRA is an individual who is certified by, and performs certificate duties for their agency on behalf of, the RCMP CA, including:

  • identifying and authenticating new digital certificate users;
  • recovering the profiles of existing users;
  • authenticating a user’s identity; and
  • authorizing the revocation of a user’s certificate.

The RCMP Local Registration Authority course provides the information for a police member to be certified as an LRA for their agency. It is specifically designed for Canadian Policing Partner Agency employees as well as RCMP Employees. This training is mandatory for individuals to become an LRA.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of a Local Registration Authority
  • Recall the functions of a trusted infrastructure
  • Understand concepts of the encryption and decryption functions
  • Recall the purpose of the Encryption Key Pairs
  • Recall the purpose of the Digital Signature Key Pairs
  • Identify the purpose of the hash function
  • Recall what the Public Key Infrastructure is used for
  • Identify the components of the RCMP PKI
  • Identify the factors of authenticity used in the RCMP PKI
  • Recall the benefits of PKI
  • Understand the Certification Practice Statement policies as they apply to a Local Registration Authority and users of the RCMP PKI
  • Recall the role of a Local Registration Authority
  • Understand the responsibilities of a Local Registration Authority

To Register

Authorization to enroll in this course is granted by the RCMP PKI Administration Program. Please contact to register. Approved registrations will be forwarded by the LRA Training Coordinator to CPKN for processing. For more information, please contact:

LRA Training Coordinator
RCMP – PKI Administration Program


Target Audience

Sworn Police