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Methamphetamine and the Precursor Control Regulation


Content Provider:
Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime


Length (in hours)
1 hour

Release Date
February 2021

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This course will introduce learners to methamphetamine, production methods, precursor chemicals required to produce methamphetamine, and the Precursor Control Regulation. Additional information will be provided regarding chemical backtracking and tips to assist law enforcement with investigative strategies.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Define methamphetamine
  • Identify the available forms of methamphetamine (Powder, Crystal, Pills, Liquid)
  • Describe the different potencies available
  • Identify the types of clandestine laboratories used to create methamphetamine
  • Identify the equipment and precursor chemicals required in the production of methamphetamine
  • Explain the function of the Precursor Control Regulation
  • Recall how to utilize the information on labels of chemicals to achieve investigative success
  • Describe the role and assistance that the Canadian Border Services Agency can provide in methamphetamine investigations
  • Explain the importance of proper reporting in methamphetamine investigations

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Student, Government and Other First Responders

Content Provider

Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime (CIROC)