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Coach Officer Training


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Length (in hours)
2.5 hours

Release Date
February 2021

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During field training, effective coaching involves grounded coaching principles, a systematic approach, and the ability to lead by example in order to develop competent, independently functioning frontline police officers. To perform the job of policing, trainees need highly developed technical and physical abilities, as well as mental readiness skills which are characteristic of peak performing officers. Using adult learning principles, a coach officer’s job is to assess and develop these essential skills and performance indicators.

Coach Officer Training is designed to prepare coach officers to assist their trainees to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during basic training to the reality of policing. This course covers key elements of training, including setting goals, identifying relevant training activities, performance assessment, and remediation strategies, together with essential coaching techniques designed to develop police officer trainees.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify at least three elements of effective coaching
  • Recognize the significance of mental readiness skills in training for optimal performance
  • Describe the role of a leader
  • Recall the characteristics of a leader and a manager
  • Explain the relationship parameters between a coach and a recruit
  • Describe the accountability and expectations of a supervisor
  • Identify the five components of the coaching process
  • Identify the goal of field training and coaching
  • Identify the twelve indicators of peak performance
  • Explain why the content of field training must be related to the goal of field training
  • Identify at least three characteristics of adult learners
  • Explain and demonstrate the application of E.D.I.C.
  • Identify at least three “dos” of effective feedback
  • Explain the three stages of learning
  • Explain how to use the performance indicators to assess performance
  • Identify the purpose of remediation and basic strategies to improve trainee performance
  • Identify four major rules governing effective documentation of trainee performance

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Government and Other First Responders

Content Provider

This course was previously supported by the Ontario Police College (OPC). If your service is interested in updating the content for this course please contact