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ACIIS Query Online
Course Category/Categories: Information Management Systems

Notice: This course is Under Construction. It remains available for registrations, however, please note: you may run in to issues with functionality as this course contains Flash elements. Ensure your browser can still run Adobe Flash Player prior to enrolment.


Content Provider:
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC)


6 hours

Registration Process

The Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System (ACIIS) is the Canadian law enforcement community’s national database containing criminal information and intelligence on organized and serious crime. Through ACIIS, law enforcement agencies at all levels collaborate in the collection, analysis and sharing of criminal information and intelligence across the country.

This course instructs learners on the use of the ACIIS database, including how to conduct queries, retrieve records, and search for reports and other documentation. The ability to properly use the ACIIS database will not only provide investigators with rapid retrieval of information but will also support tactical and strategic intelligence analysis.

To Register

For all RCMP learners, Intelex units for each province must approve all registrations to this course. RCMP candidates interested in taking this course must contact their Intelex liaison unit via Groupwise for registration.

For other law-enforcement learners, the ACIIS Provincial Coordinators must approve all registrations to this course. Other law-enforcement candidates interested in taking this course must contact their ACIIS Provincial Coordinator for registration.

In both cases, access for approved learners will be coordinated by the ACIIS Provincial Coordinators.


Authorization to access the ACIIS Database.