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CPKN is committed to delivering innovative, technology-enhanced learning (TEL) solutions that meet the needs of police and public safety professionals.

Are you looking for professional development or seeking to advance your career? The eLearning courses in our catalogue adhere to development standards and are accessible, efficient, flexible, cost effective, user-friendly, consistent and trackable.

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Are you a Sworn Police Officer?

Police officer who has full powers of arrest.

Are you a member of Police Services?

Any civilian, peace officer or auxiliary members employed by a Police service.

Are you another Government and other First Responders?

Anyone employed by a municipal, provincial, or federal government department or other first responder organization (Fire, EMS) with a "role" or job responsible for enforcement, public safety, and health/community wellbeing, including peace officers & special constables.

Are you a Police Foundation Student?

Anyone enrolled, or graduated from, a Police Foundations, Criminology, or other First Responder program from a recognized Community College or University.