About CPKN

National Advisory Committee

In addition to its Board of Directors, CPKN relies on the expertise, advice, and guidance of a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to meet organizational objectives. It is comprised of volunteer members representing various sized and geographically diverse police and law enforcement organizations across Canada. The NAC:
  • Serves as the Steering Committee for the Police Sector Council’s national e-learning initiative and any other Steering Committee projects on an ad hoc basis;
  • Contributes to the evolution of processes to identify appropriate topics and Content Providers for the development and delivery of CPKN courses;
  • Advises on methods of evaluating the impact of CPKN courses on learner performance;
  • Identifies trends within the police training community;
  • Proposes areas of research that should be explored to advance CPKN products and services;
  • Contributes to the development of a reporting mechanism that can be used to monitor progress of e-learning in the policing community; and
  • Champions partnerships with appropriate organizations in support of the objectives of CPKN, its partners, and its stakeholders.


National Advisory Committee Sub-Committees

CPKN's NAC has established several sub-committees to explore current issues impacting police learning and education. These sub-committees are active, working groups of police training and learning professionals from across the country.

Note: Sub-committees participants do not need to be members of the NAC. Anyone interested in joining a sub-committee is encouraged to contact Nadine Sutcliffe at nadine.sutcliffe@cpkn.ca or 902.629.4262.

Current sub-committees are:

Collaboration & National Police Training Inventory Sub-committee

This committee is mandated to provide an environment that supports sharing and collaboration of course materials and expertise through a variety of mediums. With a larger national goal of standardization and articulation within and beyond the police environment, this committee will work to ensure quality educational offerings, with a focus on regional, provincial and national influences on educational delivery.

National Police Training Inventory
Mandated to establish accessible, affordable and appropriate educational information sharing for all Police Services and Police Training Academies in Canada, the committee is committed to working collaboratively and collectively to establish a national database of all course offerings, in a variety of delivery models. Access to the database will provide Services and Training Academies the ability to access subject matter experts, as well as providing a medium for information exchange that will facilitate the establishment of a community of practice that minimizes redundancy, promotes collaboration, and extends current best practices in policing education locally, provincially and nationally.

NPTI is now available! Please visit https://npti.cpkn.ca for more information.


Course Topic Selection Sub-committee

The mandate of this committee has three key parts:

  1. To make recommendation to the NAC regarding the development (or removal) of courses that are, or may be offered through the CPKN Catalogue;
  2. Prioritize courses for production both by CPKN Resources and non-CPKN agencies seeking courses to develop and offer courses through CPKN; and
  3. Facilitate the review courses that may be applicable to the Canadian police community which are brought to CPKN by third party organizations.


New Technologies Sub-committee

This committee explores current and emerging advanced learning technologies for law enforcement in the US and Canada.


Stanhope Conference Planning Sub-committee

This committee is responsible for identifying options and issues around the annual Stanhope Workshop, including the theme, budget, funding sources, speakers, delegates, and agenda. Based on its discussions and research, the committee will make recommendations to the NAC that will support a meaningful and valuable conference experience.