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The evolution of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network

What began as four e-learning courses, has evolved into a collaborative network within the police community, focused on driving excellence in policing professional development. 

In March 2004, a meeting was convened of 18 police training leaders from across the country. This meeting was to find the best path forward to establish a national e-learning service. The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) was the result. 

CPKN launched that following October with only four courses.  

Initially, the organization’s main goal was to create a proof of concept around producing credible and effective online training and establishing a sustainable business model. 

From the get-go, CPKN offered a unique approach to enhancing learning in Canada’s police community. It was collaboration in its truest form. The police community provided subject matter expertise and then CPKN provided the technical know-how and infrastructure to turn that expertise into accessible and relevant training content. 

The collaborative structure has evolved into what we now refer to as the Network. This is built from CPKN staff, the National Advisory Committee, four subcommittees, the Board of Directors, and more.  

CPKN now offers a robust menu of services to meet the Network’s needs. This includes an extensive course catalogue with subscription options, course development, a Learning Management System where police services can house their own courses, and engagement focused events held both in person and virtually. 

CPKN’s Department of Innovation is another key component to CPKN working as a Network. This department aims to seek out issues and initiatives the police community would like to see explored.  

In 20 years, CPKN has grown from a small grass-roots organization with limited staff to a Network comprised of over 40 staff members, over 150 police and First Nation services, and over 350 public safety member organizations. 

The success CPKN has experienced is due to the collaboration and engagement from the Network. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey — here’s to many more years of collaboration, innovation and evolution.