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President’s Message – June

Officially spring starts in late March, but in much of Canada this is the time of year we begin to experience the feelings of post winter reflection, relief, and renewal. Accompanying those is also anticipation of the opportunities awaiting us.

This is exactly where CPKN is these days.

For staff, the past while has been filled with hiring, onboarding, and gelling as a team. A lot of talented new people were added to the strong team already in place.  The National Advisory Committee (NAC) has been busy working on projects and planning the Stanhope conference. The Board of Directors have been working on what boards are supposed to work on, good governance. They are making sure all components of the Network are doing the right things, the right way.

CPKN’s future holds more change and opportunity.

As discussed in the last Newsletter, the search has begun for the CPKN’s next President. A hiring committee has been formed and an executive search company engaged. If all goes according to plan, the individual will be in place in early fall.

To be clear, I am not leaving, but my role will change. The Board has asked me to manage the transition of the new President and remain after as the President Emeritus.

This is an exciting time for us all. Krystine Richards and the senior management team represent a huge part of the solid foundation and support system the new leader will inherit.

But we are not waiting to begin laying down the roadmap for the future.

The process has been started to develop a new three-year Strategic Plan for CPKN. While this document is ultimately approved and owned by the Board of Directors, an iterative consultation process is underway, involving the NAC, staff, and the Board. It was felt by all, so far, that the current plan is not in need of a huge reboot, but it would benefit from a review and refresh with a focus on being more aspirational given the growth of CPKN over the last three years.

I think it is fair to say all areas of CPKN are as busy as they have even been, more growth in staff – both additional capacity and new capabilities is underway.

Strategic alliances are also a focus now; these collaborative partnerships will allow CPKN to accomplish more of what the Network is requesting. Expect an exciting announcement or two in the coming weeks on this front.

As mentioned, the planning for Stanhope 2024 is well underway. It will be a special year since we will also find some time to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the creation of CPKN. During the same week, CPKN’s Board of Directors and NAC will also meet. The timing of these annual events always means a busy September for staff.

Canadian summers are made to be enjoyed, maybe truer here on PEI than most places. That said, even as staff, NAC, and Board members take well deserved vacation, the work will continue. September is always another change of season and with the initiatives I have mentioned here – even more than usual to look forward to!