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Joint Initiative for Cannabis Legislation Training

CPKN is working in collaboration with RCMP, Public Safety Canada, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) toward the goal of having timely, relevant, and interactive information and training to provide law enforcement with the knowledge of both the new regime and criminal offences related to cannabis and drug impaired driving. RCMP has committed to developing and delivering a training package for all Canadian Law Enforcement with the online portion of the training being made available to the broader law enforcement community through CPKN.

Work is underway to ensure the necessary tools and resources will be in place if Bill C-45 and C-46 become law. This began with a three-day workshop with over 30 delegates from CACP, Public Safety, RCMP, CPKN and representatives from Police Services across the country. The goal of the very successful workshop was to develop a training needs assessment for Canadian law enforcement on the proposed Cannabis legislation.

Joint Initiative Web Story

Pictured are A/Comm Stephen White, RCMP; Michelle Doll, PSC, Gen Tremblay, RCMP; Joanne Rigon, RCMP; Directeur Mario Harel, CACP; Sandy Sweet, CPKN; Bill Moore, CACP.

Design and implementation will align with ongoing efforts to build provincial-territorial capacity and resources to enforce the new cannabis and drug-impaired driving offences. This will result in a consistent approach to the application of the new legislation across the country.

Stay tuned in the coming months for updates on this learning resource.