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20 years of CPKN: The People

2024 marks 20 years of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN). Over the past two decades, many people have helped the Network evolve into what it is today.

One of those individuals is the former Chief of the Barrie Police Service, Kimberley Greenwood.

“I saw this significant value CPKN was going to offer us,” said Greenwood. “There was a core group of people committed to making online learning accessible and applicable to all. From a frontline officer to an investigator, to a civilian member, CPKN could offer something for everyone”

Greenwood began her involvement with CPKN in 2010 while she was working with the Toronto Police Service (TPS). At the time, the concept of e-learning for police training was new, and not widely accepted.

“Kimberley was instrumental in CPKN’s evolution and acceptance within the police community,” said Krystine Richards, Vice President of Operations, CPKN. “Through her leadership, her staff began to understand that CPKN’s collaborative approach was a good thing not only for TPS, but for police services across the country.”

As a result, Greenwood helped lead the way for TPS to be one of the first services to promote self-directed learning through unlimited member access to courses through an organizational subscription.  Through various positions with CPKN – supporter, advocate, Board of Directors member, Board of Directors Chair – Greenwood also helped create awareness and engagement from services across the country.

“CPKN provides well researched training in an affordable manner,” explained Greenwood. “Its primary focus is to work with police and experts to produce information on current topics, and it’s always looking ahead to adapt as required. As it is informed by the Network, CPKN never remains stagnant, it grows as society changes.”

The organization has grown from its launch in 2004 with four online courses, to becoming a collaborative network with over 150 courses, a national conference, and countless other initiatives. At its core, the Network – comprised of a National Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, the police community, public safety partners, and CPKN staff – is what drives CPKN to be able to complete all these things.

The innovative nature of CPKN is one of the things that inspired Greenwood to be so involved with the Network.

“People always say they want to make a difference, but we were the difference,” reflected Greenwood. “With that said, I don’t think I could have predicted the growth of CPKN when I began working with the Network. If I was to do it over again, I would. It has been a journey, and to be involved in that journey was phenomenal.”