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President's Message

In September, we came together for the first in-person Stanhope Conference since 2019. By all accounts it was a success. The hallmark of this annual gathering, which dates back to 2007, is not just the agenda, but the opportunity for police professionals to connect, share, and collaborate in a safe environment.

This year’s theme was Looking in, Looking out: Leading Our Members & Engaging With Our CommunitiesThe National Advisory Committee (NAC), led by Paul Hebert, Dave Tutte, and Krystine Richards, put together an impressive program of speakers and activities, which we will recap below. Members of the CPKN Board of Directors were also heavily involved throughout the conference. In the end, those who joined us in person experienced an authentic Stanhope experience, complete with social activities and opportunities for networking!

The thread that was woven through all sessions was the concept of collaborating together on solutions, identifying best practices, and championing community engagement. Policing faces many challenges, this is not new. We will continue to evolve and innovate to meet the needs of those we serve.

I would like to extend my best wishes to Kimberley Greenwood, Chief of Police for Barrie Police Service, who has served on the CPKN Board of Directors for 10 years, including the last five years as Board Chair. Her contributions to policing on a local, provincial, and national level are significant. Kimberley has established an incredible legacy of service that will positively impact the sector for years to come.






- Sandy Sweet, President