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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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Content Provider:
Sinogap Solutions


Length (in hours)
3 hours

Release Date
June 2021

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Developing leadership skills is dependent on self-reflection and individualized learning experiences. This course is comprised of five modules that will get you to dig deep into your leadership purpose, a 360-assessment tool that will help you identify your strengths and areas of growth, and an action plan for frequent experimentation of new behaviours that will support and develop your leadership competencies.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Discover and define your core purpose and values
  • Explore how your core purpose influences the decisions you make and how you interact with others
  • Discover areas of strength and areas of growth that you can leverage to support your leadership development throughout your career
  • Discover the four domains of leadership
  • Develop strategies to develop your leadership competencies throughout your career
We recommend that you complete one to two modules a day to ensure you have time to complete all the activities and to reflect on your learning before moving on to the next module. If you complete the course in one sitting, it will take you approximately three hours.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Student, Government and Other First Responders, Private Security

Content Provider

Content for this course was provided by Sinogap Solutions.