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Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line

Notice: Course Copyright © Queen’s Printer for Ontario (2020). Reproduced with permission.


Content Provider:
Ontario Police College


Length (in hours)
2 hours

Release Date
November 2020

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Adapted from traditional self-study components of the Ontario Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (SAP) Training program, Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line focuses on current pursuit regulations, techniques, and reality-based scenarios. Based on the Ontario Police Service Act’s Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Regluation, this course will reinforce pursuit practices covered in the SAP training manual and will aid police officers, supervisors, and dispatchers in establishing appropriate procedures to safely prevent, manage, and/or terminate pursuits.

The Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line training course uses a variety of learning applications including high-quality animations, games, illustrations, and tutorials, to demonstrate techniques and explain course materials. This course can be utilized as a stand-alone training tool or as part of a blended learning curriculum to meet the requirements of individual police services.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Regulation
  • Define suspect apprehension pursuit
  • Explain the three-part test
  • Assess factors that may impact public safety in a pursuit
  • Explain the importance of collecting vehicle and occupant identifiers before directing a violator to stop
  • Explain the primary methods of violator stops that increase the likelihood that the violator will obey an order to stop
  • Explain safety considerations when approaching a stopped vehicle
  • Explain alternative stopping methods to prevent a pursuit from happening
  • Maintain a perspective that will allow you to control the outcome of a pursuit
  • Explain the responsibilities of team members and the importance of debriefing and reporting on pursuits
  • Recall the techniques and technology used to terminate a suspect apprehension pursuit


Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line training provides essential information for all police officers who operate a police vehicle. It is also valuable to support personnel (e.g., dispatchers, supervisors) involved in pursuit actions. With a better understanding of police officers’ roles and responsibilities during a pursuit, these individuals can provide more effective and timely assistance.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Government and Other First Responders


The Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line training course is a very effective method of achieving SAP maintenance training as recommended in Ontario's All Chiefs memo #99-0100. In the Province of Ontario, Section 13 of Ont. Regulation 266/10 (previously Section 14, Ont. Regulation 546/99), states that any police officer, dispatcher, communications supervisor or road supervisor that requires their INITIAL SAP training must, at least:
- Read the SAP Training Manual and answer the questions in the back of the manual.
- View the OPVTA SAP training video.
- Complete the SAP consensus test followed by discussion with a facilitator.
- All persons that receive this training during the Police Vehicle Operations course during Basic Constable training at
the Ontario Police College also receive practical "hands-on" training.

In jurisdications other than Ontario, Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (v.4.0) Basic Refresher On-Line will provide police officers and other support personnel with fundamental information on pursuit procedures and techniques. Please contact the appropriate authority regarding accredication requirements.