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RADAR Refresher Training: Stationary/Moving

Notice: See also: RADAR Refresher Training: Stationary


Content Provider:
York Regional Police


Length (in hours)
4 hours

Release Date
February 2021

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Speed management is a fundamental component of day-to-day police operations. Excessive vehicle speed reduces the ability of drivers to negotiate curves or maneuver around obstacles in the roadway. Excessive vehicle speed also extends the distance necessary for a vehicle to stop and increases the distance a vehicle travels while the driver reacts to a hazard. On average, approximately 700 people are killed and more than 3,500 are seriously injured in speed-related crashes in Canada every year.

RADAR is an important tool in speed management. This course serves as a refresher for the experienced RADAR operator. Designed to complement other training, RADAR Refresher Training: Stationary/Moving reviews the principles of speed management, the theory and technology behind RADAR, and the information officers require to effectively prepare for court.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Recall the fundamental principles of speed management
  • Recall the basic theory RADAR
  • Recall how a RADAR device decides which motor vehicle speed to display and how speed readings are affected by the cosine angle effect
  • Recall how to use the faster target mode direction sensing features of a RADAR device and explain how the three modes function
  • Recall how opposite direction mode moving RADAR functions and how speed readings are affected by the cosine angle effect
  • Recall how same direction mode moving RADAR functions
  • Recall the tasks required to perform a proper testing and tracking history
  • Recall how interference can affect the RADAR device and what corrective action should be performed
  • Recall officer health and safety issues and maintenance regarding RADAR devices
  • Recognize various speed measuring warning devices
  • Identify the information required for court purposes


Target Audience

Sworn Police

Content Provider

Content for this course was provided by the York Regional Police.