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Centering Health, Respecting Rights: Policing in the Context of HIV and Hepatitis C


Content Provider:
HIV Legal Network


Length (in hours)
45 minutes

Release Date
January 2023

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On February 8, 2022, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being and the HIV Legal Network hosted a webinar about the science, public health, and human rights implications of HIV and Hepatitis C virus (HCV) as it relates to the provision of policing services. In this webinar, we explored how police forces in Canada can provide enhanced services to people living with, or affected by, HIV and Hepatitis C, including how to manage occupational health and safety concerns and how to uphold the rights of these groups. This webinar was adapted from the HIV Legal Network’s police training manual, published in June 2021 and which was developed in collaboration with community groups and police departments across Canada.

Production of this webinar has been made possible through a financial contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Student, Government and Other First Responders

Content Provider

HIV Legal Network