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Basic Online Investigations


Content Provider:
Calgary Police Service


Length (in hours)
15 minutes

Release Date
September 2016

Revision Date
December 2020

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This course was originally created for the Calgary Police Service (CPS) but has been made available to a national police audience. This course may contain CPS-specific information or policies.
Criminals don’t always realize that police use the internet to investigate crimes. As a result, they can sometimes be careless about the information they reveal online.

Basic Online Investigations describes how the Calgary Police Service’s Cybercrime Support Team, Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation (SAICE), and Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) can assist investigators from homicide, vice, robbery, and other specialty units proactively search for evidence and conduct basic, open-source investigations online.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe online/Internet crimes.
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the Cybercrime Support Team (CST) and Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit (SAICE) / Internet Child Exploitation team in your area.
  • Discuss the difference between basic and advanced online investigation.
  • Explain how to use social media and the Internet for basic online investigations.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Services, Government and Other First Responders