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Session One: Leadership in Challenging Times

Systemic Racism – Chief Nishan Duraiappha, Peel Regional Police Service

Response to COVID-19 – Chief Kimberley Greenwood, Barrie Police Service

Calls for Defunding Police – Chief Mark Neufeld, Calgary Police Service

Collaboration & Engagement Sub-Committee – Paul Hebert, Ontario Police College; Supt. Larry Montgomery, RCMP

Session Two: Responding to Calls For Mental Health Support: Training & Inter-disciplinary Perspectives

Relationships and Resilience: On the road with a mental health policing unit – Jennifer Ward, Program Manager, CMHA

Remarks on Mental Health Training from an Instructor’s Perspective – Insp. Leslie Hadfield, Atlantic Police Academy

Sound Time Support Services: Using the Opportunity of Lived Experience to Provide Quality Mental Health Services – Lana Frado, Executive Director, Sound Time Support Services

Learning Needs Sub-Committee – Keri Hatch, OPP; and, Insp. Shelley Thompson, Peel Regional Police Service

Session Three: COVID-19 and the Pivot to Virtual Learning

Virtual Police Training: An Academic & Online Approach – Tom Strancaric, Hamilton Police Service; Joe Countryman, York Regional Police Service; and, Jason Sui, York Regional Police Service

COVID-19 and the Impacts on Virtual Learning – Michael Rybacha & Mabel Hong, Vancouver Police Department

The Pivot to Virtual Learning: The JIBC Experience – Shelley Tiffin, JIBC

Innovation and Learning Sub-committee – Betty Froese, Vancouver Police Department

Session Four: Developing Basic Constable Competencies – a Case Study

Developing Basic Constable Competencies: A Case Study – Dr. Angela Ripley

Competency Sub-committee and Advisory Committee Update – Steve Schnitzer, JIBC; and, Sandy Sweet, CPKN

Session Five: Axon Virtual Training & 360 Video Training

Axon Virtual Training – Dave Tutte, Halton Regional Police Service; and, Robert Murphy, Axon

OPVTA 360 Video Training – Sgt. Sean O’Brien, Toronto Police Service

Presentations are available to delegates on a password protected website here. Please click the link and enter the password for access.