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Back in Step: Police and First Responders helping Homeless Veterans

Back in Step: Police and First Responders helping Homeless Veterans

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The return to civilian life after months or years of service in dangerous combat situations is not an easy transition for the men and women who serve with the Canadian Armed Forces. Adapting to changes in routine, structure, roles, daily environment, and even family relationships can be difficult. In an effort to cope with the horrific situations experienced during their service, many Veterans may turn to drugs and alcohol. Over time, these can have a significant negative impact on the individual and may result in loss of employment, financial distress, the alienation of family and friends, and eventually homelessness.

Back in Step: Police and First Responders helping Homeless Veterans is a video specifically designed for police and other first responders who may encounter homeless Veterans. In addition to exploring personal stories of Veterans who have experienced homelessness, this video provides information on the supports and services available to Veterans that can help get them off the street and back on their feet.



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This video is designed for all frontline police and first responders.


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This video was created with content from Veterans Affairs Canada.

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Content Provider: Veterans Affairs Canada

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Length: 9 minutes

Release Date: 2016-11-02