CPKN News 2010

CPKN News 2010

New PSC Courses Selected for 2011/2012

As a result of CPKN’s annual Course Selection Process, three new courses have been selected for development as part of the Police Sector Council’s national e-learning initiative; an additional two courses are undergoing further review. These courses represent about half of the new titles that will be added to CPKN’s catalogue in 2011/2012.

CPKN Launches New Website and Discussion Forum

CPKN has launched a new and improved website at www.cpkn.ca. The new site design provides visitors with dramatic improvements in navigation, appearance, and accessibility.

A New World of Training Opportunities for Abbotsford

A recent investment in a designated portal on CPKN's Learning Management System has opened up a vast new world of training opportunities for Abbotsford Police Department.

Less Paper, More Time for Toronto Training Staff

Since initiating an automated records transfer system, the Toronto Police Service has saved an estimated 2.8 years in the administration of online training events.

Scratching the Surface: Report from Stanhope 2010

Last week's Stanhope Conference was a spotlight for many good news stories from policing agencies across the country.

New Courses Address Broad Training Needs

New courses released on CPKN in recent weeks address a broad range of training needs for frontline officers.

Critical Incident Stress Management: New Free Learning Event

Until December 31, 2010 Critical Incident Stress Management is offered as a free Learning & Evaluation event at CPKN.

OPP Campaign to Reduce Officer-Involved Collisions

Submitted by S/Sgt. Chris Whaley, Provincial Manager, Specialized Patrol, Ontario Provincial Police

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is one of the largest deployed police agencies in North America. The OPP employs 6000 officers, 2600 civilians and 850 auxiliary members across the province of Ontario. Given our diverse geography, climate and communities, our members drive approximately 166 million kilometres annually.

New Releases: Coach Officer Training and Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents

CPKN released two new courses this week: Coach Officer Training and Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents.

Peacekeepers Adopt Blended Learning

Recently, the RCMP's International Peace Operations Branch (IPOB) initiated the transition of its Peacekeeper Pre-Deployment Training program to a blended learning model. This summer, Canadian police officers selected to participate in a UN mission to Sudan will be the first to participate in this new learning approach.

Free Learning Event: Preventing Officer Involved Collisions

Until October 31st, all Canadian law enforcement personnel are offered free access to Preventing Officer Involved Collisions, an e-learning course developed in collaboration with the Ontario Provincial Police.

2011/2012 e-Learning Course Selection Process Underway

As part of the Police Sector Council's national e-learning initiative, CPKN is requesting proposals from the Canadian policing sector that identify priority training issues for online delivery.

Silver Lining to Server Failure

Seeing the positive side of a failure isn't always easy, but when CPKN recently experienced a critical failure of its production server, we eventually saw a silver lining.

CPKN Hosts G20 Online Training Portal

Frontline officers assigned to general police duties during the G20 Summit will complete a portion of their specialized training online via a secure CPKN learning portal.

New Directors Join CPKN Board

Chief Superintendent Cal Corley, Director General of the Canadian Police College, and Chief Andy McGrogan of the Medicine Hat Police Service were recently welcomed as the newest members of CPKN's Board of Directors.

Calgary Shares Excited Delirium Training

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is sharing its course on Excited Delirium Syndrome with the broader Canadian police community. All members of the police community can now access this one hour training course via CPKN.

INTERPOL to Launch Online Firearms Identification Training

This spring, INTERPOL will launch the Firearms Identification for Law Enforcement (FILE) e-course to law enforcement agencies around the globe as part of its online training programme.

OPVTA Web Online!

Today, the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance launched its exclusive online portal via CPKN.

RADAR Refresher Training: Free Learning Event

RADAR Refresher Training is the latest in a series of free Learning & Evaluation events to be funded by the Police Sector Council's national e-learning program.

New Releases at CPKN

CPKN has recently launched three new essential police training courses, including a new free Learning & Evaluation event.

London Hosts e-Learning Workshop

Recently, more than twenty five representatives from sixteen southern Ontario police services gathered to discuss e-learning in police training.

CACP Endorses Police Ethics & Accountability

CPKN's Police Ethics & Accountability is the first course to receive approval under the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police's e-Learning Endorsement Process. Based on a recommendation from the CACP HR Committee, CACP's Board of Directors granted its support for the course earlier this month.

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