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The Stanhope Conference

Stanhope 2010The Stanhope Conference is an annual event that brings together police trainers, practitioners, and decision-makers to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and work together to identify priority training needs within the police community.

CPKN hosted the first Stanhope Conference in 2007. With funding support of the Police Sector Council and the Province of PEI, this event was designed as an open forum where policing professionals could discuss the challenges, solutions, and future of police training in Canada. Since that time, Stanhope has continued to evolve to keep pace with ongoing transitions within the police training community. Using case studies from policing organizations, the agenda addresses a wide variety of e-learning issues including implementation, cost/time benefit analyses, learner impact, and new technologies. The conference is also a central hub for the national police community to propose, debate, and vote on training priorities to be developed by CPKN.

For more information, please visit the conference website at: www.stanhopeconference.com.

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