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CPKN offers an all-in-one solution for essential police training.


Priority Training Development

CPKN offers a broad range of e-learning courses that address both mandatory and elective training needs within the Canadian police community. Courses developed by CPKN are identified as priority training requirements through a consultative process with the Canadian police community.

While CPKN, in collaboration with Content Provider agencies within the law enforcement community, develops the majority of course offerings, some are developed by police services and subsequently shared with other members of the community via CPKN.

Please view the Course Catalogue for full descriptions of CPKN courses.


Training Delivery

CPKN delivers its courses via a secure Learning Management System. In addition to learner authentication, this system significantly streamlines training initiatives with learner tracking and reporting features enabling authorized training managers to easily manage small- and large-scale training initiatives alike. CPKN can also format training records so they can be easily synchronized with existing HR systems.


Technical Support

CPKN’s Support Desk provides learners with technical support Monday – Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST. Accessible by email or toll-free phone, CPKN’s bilingual Support Specialists are here to help!


Designated Portals

CPKN’s flexible infrastructure allows for the creation of distinct portals within its Learning Management System. Using the same technology as CPKN’s primary portal, a custom portal can be configured and managed as a secure online learning environment for a specific organization.

Designated portals are ‘branded’ to an organization’s look and feel, can host both in-house and third party courseware, and provide all the features of a full LMS, including learner registration, authentication, tracking, and reporting, for a fraction of the cost of a custom installation.

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Custom Development

CPKN offers highly competitive rates for custom development services. Custom development may include the simple modification of an existing course (subject to the Content Provider’s approval) to meet the needs of a specific service or jurisdiction or the creation of a entirely new course for a distinct audience.



CPKN offers a number of hosting options. CPKN can host courses directly on the CPKN LMS, either within an established CPKN portal or through a custom Designated Portal that is branded to agency specification and incorporates agency-specific business rules. CPKN can also host other learning applications and/or collaboration tools for your law enforcement agency or group such as forums and wikis. Please contact CPKN for additional details and to discuss which hosting option best meets your needs.


Implementation and Roll Out Assistance

CPKN has extensive experience in helping organizations integrate e-learning and blended learning solutions into existing training curriculums. CPKN’s knowledgeable team assesses the unique needs of its clients and advises on appropriate strategies to ensure effective, seamless implementation of online learning initiatives. Please contact CPKN for additional information.