CPKN News 2007

CPKN News 2007

Graffiti Investigation Now Available

Graffiti crimes can range from meaningless vandalism to well established communication systems among gang members. While the motives for these crimes are diverse, all graffiti impacts on the communities and neighbourhoods where it occurs. These crimes not only decrease property values and generate a negative image of a community, but also increase concerns for personal safety, and create an atmosphere that encourages the perpetration of other crimes.

New Release: Firearms Investigations

From content provided by the Calgary Police Service, CPKN has worked with subject matter experts in various parts of the country to adapt the Firearms Investigations course for a national police audience.

CPKN Recognized for Excellence in IT Innovation

For the second time in a month, the Canadian Police Knowledge Network has been recognized for excellence in IT-based innovation and productivity. Following a silver standing at the GTEC Distinction Awards in October, CPKN was named to an impressive list of finalists at the Canadian Information Productivity Awards (CIPA) competition.

Urban Gang Dynamics: New Release at CPKN

As demonstrated in the recent tragic multiple homicide in Surrey, BC, gang activity represents some of the most significant and dangerous problems in communities across the country. While their structure differs from other organized crime groups such as bikers or drug cartels, these gangs are often involved in a variety of criminal activities including drug trafficking, fraud, assaultive behavior, and weapons.

CPKN Takes Silver at GTEC

The Canadian Police Knowledge Network vied with Canada's top e-service providers to earn silver at the annual GTEC Distinction Awards Gala in Gatineau, Quebec. As one of hundreds of nominated projects, CPKN emerged among the leaders for its national achievements in the development and delivery of e-learning solutions for Canada's policing sector.

CPKN Co-hosts Police Training Conference

CPKN, the Police Sector Council, and the Canadian Association of Police Educators recently hosted more than 50 police trainers from across Canada to discuss the pertinent issues facing training in the police sector.

General Investigation Training Now Offered in Blended Learning Format

The Ontario Police College (OPC) and CPKN are pleased to announce the launch of the General Investigation Training Course, the latest release in the collaborative learning series.

New Release: Harassment Awareness

Harassment in the workplace affects not only the specific parties involved, but can also negatively impact on an organization as a whole. As such, harassment awareness is essential in any organization that promotes communication, understanding, and respect among all employees in every level of the organization.

CPIC Query/Narrative Online Pilot Launch on August 1st

From August 1 - October 31, 2007, the CPIC Query/Narrative Online Course will be offered at no cost as a pilot program to law enforcement officers across Canada on CPKN's e-learning portal.

National Breath Test Program Training Offered in New Delivery Format

The RCMP's Forensic Science and Identification Services (FS&IS) and CPKN have joined forces to adapt the delivery of the National Breath Test Program training.

APT Blended Learning Program Released

Working in cooperation with the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), the Ontario Police College (OPC) has released the second of three blended learning programs. On the heels of the refurbished Suspect Apprehension Pursuits program that was launched in January, the OPC has now announced the release of the Advanced Patrol Training (APT) blended learning program.

National e-Learning Initiative Brings CPIC Training Online

The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) and the Police Sector Council (PSC), with Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), have launched a national e-learning initiative featuring an online version of the CPIC Query/Narrative training program. This project will merge CPKN's technical know-how with CPIC expertise and PSC's strategic approach for effective human resource management to create an interactive e-learning course to benefit law enforcement agencies across Canada.

Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Online Training Now Available

The online component of Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Accredited Training Program is now available on the CPKN portal. This is the first of three courses that the Ontario Police College is adapting to an interactive online format.

e-Learning Advisory Network Launched

CPKN is working directly with Canadian police services to promote online training opportunities for in-service officers. More than twenty-five police services across the country have appointed e-Learning Advisors, or EAs, to act as CPKN "points-of-contact" within their organizations.

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