Flash-based courses & the Catalogue review

In 2017, Adobe issued a statement that they will stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020.  In response to this announcement, all major web browsers have announced they will disable the Flash plug-in by default in 2019. By the end of 2020, Flash Player will be removed from their build process and most browsers will move to prevent the ability to enable Flash content.

To read, statements from each of the major web browsers, follow the links below:

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

In response to these announced changes, CPKN is undertaking a catalogue review and working with content providers to update Flash-based courses to HTML5. In the coming few months, content providers and services who have Flash-based courses in the catalogue will receive communications from CPKN to discuss a course review and plan to update courses as needed.

We look forward to this exiting opportunity to update our catalogue and connect with you on the benefits of building in HTML5! If you have any questions, please contact us.