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CPKN Fall Newsletter 2021

President's Message

We are well into fall and winter is approaching, and COVID-19 is still persisting in its relentlessness. The new normal is not yet here, but we’re beginning to see the shape it will take. Now what?

To help us better understand the “now what”, CPKN held the 15th Stanhope Conference with the theme of Hope for the Future. While this was largely a virtual event, the Board of Directors (Board) and the National Advisory Committee (NAC) travelled to Prince Edward Island to hold in-person meetings in a safe environment.

Feedback on the Stanhope Conference has been extremely positive. By taking a hybrid approach, more than 250 people were able to participate, connecting our community more than ever before. The conference brought together a series of panels that were highly engaging and relevant to the issues of today.

While presenters didn’t shy away from the challenges facing policing, the overarching feeling was one of hope. By committing to working together better, using technology wisely, and creating more consistency in our approaches, we established a foundation to move forward.

Before and during the conference, the Board and NAC were able to reconnect in a way not possible over the past 20 months. There was a refreshing amount of social interaction, and much progress was made on the next iteration of our Strategic Plan as well as other issues related to CPKN.

The new normal is not yet clear, but we shared a glimpse of it at Stanhope and we are all anxious to experience more of it. Throughout the pandemic we have learned how to pivot, adapt, and harness the power of technology. We also realized the value of in-person interaction. Now, we need to find the right balance going forward.

While we're unsure what form the 16th Stanhope Conference will take in the new normal, we continue to look forward... hopefully...


All the best to you and yours in 2022.


Sandy Sweet - President


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