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Free Learning & Evaluation Events

Please be advised that all PSC-funded free Learning & Evaluation events have concluded.

Since 2007, the Police Sector Council (PSC) and CPKN have collaborated to provide the Canadian police community with high quality, cost-efficient online training programs. In accordance with its mandate to implement innovative, practical solutions to human resource planning and management challenges, the PSC, through the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program, funds the development and introductory learning period for e-learning courseware specifically designed for a national police audience. Content Provider agencies may also contribute to these costs. These offerings have two primary objectives:

  1. To respond to a national training priority as indicated by the Canadian police community;
  2. To gather data, by way of Learner Feedback Surveys, on learners' experiences and to collect input on ways to enhance online training initiatives within the Canadian policing sector.

Identified via a national course selection process, courses developed through PSC funding are offered in both English and French. For the first four months after release, each course is offered to the Canadian law enforcement community as a free Learning & Evaluation event, after which they are delivered for a nominal registration fee.

Identified in the CPKN catalogue by the Government of Canada wordmark and funding acknowledgement, PSC-funded courses include:

Mandatory Learner Feedback

On release, each new course developed through PSC funding is offered free of charge to the Canadian police and law enforcement community for an introductory period, typically 4 months.

In exchange for free access, learners who successfully complete a course are required to complete a brief survey (approximately 5 - 10 minutes) about their learning experience. In some cases, learners may also be asked to participate in a follow-up telephone survey or focus group.

The data collected from learners is analyzed by CPKN staff and compiled into a course-specific report that is distributed to CPKN's Advisory Group which acts as the Steering Committee to PSC-funded projects, the Content Provider agency, and other stakeholders. All learner information and feedback in these reports is kept strictly anonymous. Copies of these reports are available on request by contacting CPKN's Support Desk.

Registration Policy and Learner Access

Access to free Learning & Evaluation events is time limited. Learners must register and complete the course and Learner Feedback Survey by the specified date. Learner access to the course will expire after this date. All registrations received after the deadline will be subject to the posted course fee.

Organizations that wish to register a large number of learners to a free Learning & Evaluation event must have an internal communication plan in place to inform learners that they have been registered to the course, the deadline by which the course must be completed, and a directive to complete the mandatory Learner Feedback survey on completion of the course.

Certificates of Completion

Any learner who successfully completes a course during the Learning & Evaluation period can access and print a Certificate of Completion for his/her training file. Learners who successfully complete a course during this period are also entitled to on-going access to the course for one year free of charge. Eligible learners must request post-Learning & Evaluation access by contacting CPKN's Support Desk at support@cpkn.ca or 1-866-357-2756.

Post Learning & Evaluation

Following the Learning & Evaluation period, all learner feedback is compiled and reviewed by the Subject Matter Expert(s) and CPKN's Development Team. Any required revisions, deletions, or additions to the content and/or course functionality are completed after the Learning & Evaluation period closes. An updated version is then made available for a nominal course fee. This fee is used to support on-going course content updates, maintenance, administration, and support activities at CPKN.