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Workplace Harassment and Violence: Bill 168
Course Category: Health, Safety & Wellness

Notice: This training is designed for all workers in the Province of Ontario. Some content, specifically regarding procedures for dealing with threats, refers to policies of the York Regional Police.


Content Provider:
York Regional Police


0.5 hours

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Workplace violence is a growing reality in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, one in five violent incidents occur in the workplace and Domestic Violence is the fastest growing type of workplace violence in the country. In Ontario, Bill 168 has led to changes in the Occupational Health and Safety Act which strengthen protections for workers from workplace violence and address workplace harassment. These changes define workplace violence and harassment and describe employer duties, and apply to all workplaces covered by the OHSA.

Developed by York Regional Police, Workplace Violence and Harassment: Bill 168 reviews Bill 168, describes what harassment and violence is, how to handle aggressive behavior, and how workplace harassment and violence is dealt with within the parameters of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.\

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Define harassment and violence in the workplace
  • Understand the roles of the employer and employee when faced with harassment and/or violence
  • Assess and control risks
  • Better understand levels of behaviour and possible calming techniques
  • Better understand methods of self protection in the event that violence does occur
  • Recall administrative and reactive venues when acts of violence take place or hate-motivated correspondence is received, and suggest procedures for possible suspicious packages.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Civilian, Public Safety Officer, Peace Officer / Special Constable

Content Provider

This course was developed by the York Regional Police and made available to all police services via CPKN.