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Stolen Innocence: A Police Guide to Online Child Exploitation
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National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, RCMP


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While the Internet has revolutionized how we communicate, work and play, it also has a dark side, having quickly become a tool for those who wish to exploit our most treasured resource…our children.

Every pornographic image of a child is a permanent record of that child being abused, degraded and humiliated. And not all pedophiles are content to simply receive and view child pornography. Repeated exposure can sometimes encourage offenders to take their obsession to the next level: luring, contact, assualt…or worse.
As a valuable primer for front line police officers, Stolen Innocence: A Police Guide to Online Child Exploitation provides an overview of Canada’s child exploitation laws, what constitutes an offence, how to conduct an investigation and collect evidence, and where to turn for help.

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This video is an introductory overview for police officers responding to calls involving online child exploitation.

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