Self Defence in Service
Course Category: Patrol/Operations Training


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Regina Police Service


3 hours

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An officer’s decision to use force in order to control a suspect is made within seconds. It is a decision to which an officer will be held accountable for hours, days, or even months afterwards by the public, supervisors, or by way of judicial review. As such, an officer must not only deliver a controlled response in any given situation but also understand the legal, ethical, and moral issues which govern the use of force.

Self Defence in Service is an introduction to the theory behind use of force techniques that may be required while working in the field. This course is not intended to certify in self defense techniques, but rather provides an overview of defense applications such as batons, oleoresin capsicum, modified restraint straps, BodyCuff restraint system, spit hoods, and carotid neck restraint. This course may also serve as a refresher for those who have completed self defense training.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the implications of the McLean inquest on policing and the use of force
  • Explain the Use of Force Model and recall applicable sections within the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Recall the signs and symptoms of excited delirium and the steps to deal with someone in an excited delirium state
  • Recall the parts, maintenance, and appropriate use of an expandable baton
  • Explain the composition, proper deployment, and effects of oleoresin capsicum
  • Demonstrate appropriate use and deployment of a modified restraint strap
  • Demonstrate appropriate use and deployment of a BodyCuff Prisoner Restraint System
  • Identify appropriate use of the carotid neck restraint with an understanding of inherent dangers and considerations such as drugs and alcohol
  • Identify the appropriate use of a spit hood
  • Recall factors and tactics associated with a foot pursuit

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Public Safety Officer, Peace Officer / Special Constable, Other Federal, Provincial and Municipal Employees