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IIS – Interrogation Techniques
Course Category: Investigations
Course Category: Students

Notice: This course merges and adapts content from the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General's blended Investigative Skills Education Program (ISEP) to provide stand alone training for investigators in the national police community.


Content Provider:
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General


2.5 hours

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The interrogation of suspects is both a necessary and critical stage of the criminal investigative process. The decision to move on from an interview to an interrogation of a suspect will hinge on a combination of factors, including the amount and strength of available evidence and the investigator’s level of confidence in that evidence. When an investigation advances to suspect interrogation, officers require effective interrogation techniques to obtain the information of interest.

Interrogation Techniques is the fourth and final course in the Interview & Interrogation Series. It introduces the strategies and techniques associated with Persuasion-based, Information-gathering, and Evidence-based approaches to interrogation and employs a series of short videos to demonstrate how these techniques can be employed.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of three alternative approaches to interrogation
  • Describe the factors and risks when moving from an interview to an interrogation
  • Describe how to conduct an interrogation effectively
  • Recall the key legal obligations of the interviewer/interrogator as they relate to a suspect interview
  • Describe how false confessions will affect investigations
  • Describe how cognitive biases can affect a suspect interview and/or interrogation

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Target Audience

Sworn Police, Police Civilian, Public Safety Officer, Peace Officer / Special Constable, Student, Other Federal, Provincial and Municipal Employees


It is recommended that learners complete Interviewing Victims and Witnesses (Parts I and II) and Interviewing Suspects before taking this course.

Content Provider

The content for this course was developed by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General in collaboration with Edmonton Police Service and other agencies.