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Characteristics of an Armed Person (Under Construction)
Course Category/Categories: Community Awareness and Interactions, Under Construction,

Notice: This course is Under Construction. No new registrations are available at this time. Please watch for updates on when the new course will be released.

Free for OPVTA members; $25.00 for non OPVTA members.

Content Provider:
Toronto Police Service


0.75 hours

As witnessed through videos, media reports, and officer experiences, individuals possess or have access to firearms on a more frequent basis. As such, in the interest of public and personal safety, it is extremely important for front-line police officers to be able to recognize the signs and indications that an individual is armed.

Characteristics of an Armed Person reinforces the edict that OFFICER SAFETY IS A PRIORITY. Through the use of images, videos, audio and text-based narratives, and specific case law, this course will instruct officers on identifying a person that is armed.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand where the guns are coming from
  • Determine an individual’s dominant side
  • Distinguish methods and types of firearm concealment and positioning of makeshift holsters
  • Identify the body movements and behavioural patterns of an armed person
  • Recognize the clothing characteristics of an armed person
  • Observe and identify unusual or exotic firearms
  • Employ officer-specific enforcement tactics and practices
  • Identify characteristics relative to stopping a vehicle containing an armed person
  • Articulate the grounds for actions related to court evidence with associated case law


Intermediate level course for Canadian Sworn Officers.

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Peace Officer / Special Constable

Content Provider

Content provided by Toronto Police Service with video produced by OPVTA