Acting Supervisor Training
Course Category: Supervisor and Leadership Training

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Vancouver Police Department


7.5 hours (all modules)

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This course was originally created for the Vancouver Police Department and may contain VPD-specific information/policies.

Supervisors are tasked with many different aspects of policing and must be efficient in the core competencies such as communication, coaching, problem solving and decision making, leadership, resource management, and community focus.

Acting Supervisor Training will provide prospective candidates with a working knowledge of the various policing areas required to perform as a Supervisor on the road. In addition to defining the primary roles and qualities of a supervisor, this course reviews practical skills, techniques and strategies for a wide variety of situations, including pursuits, domestic violence, missing persons, homicides, and crises negotiation.

This course is delivered in four separate modules:

  • Acting Supervisor Training Module 1: Role of the NCO (1 hour; $25)
  • Acting Supervisor Training Module 2: High Risk Procedures (1.5 hours; $25)
  • Acting Supervisor Training Module 3: Containing Critical Incidents (1.5 hours; $25)
  • Acting Supervisor Training Module 4: Crime Scene Management (3.5 hours; $50)

Within the Vancouver Police Department, this course is a component of a three part blended learning program for acting supervisor candidates, consisting of:

  • Acting Supervisor 1: These online modules + Classroom PBLE Scenario Training (2 days)
  • Acting Supervisor 2: Human Resources + Administration (online modules) + Classroom PBLE Scenario Training (1 day) (Under Development)
  • Acting Supervisor 3: Practicum

For more information about the full blended learning program, please contact:

Betty Froese, Learning & Development Manager
VPD Learning & Development Unit

Target Audience

Sworn Police, Public Safety Officer, Peace Officer / Special Constable, Other Federal, Provincial and Municipal Employees

Content Provider

Content for this course was provided by the Vancouver Police Department.