Brent Shea Honored with National Award

Brent Shea has been named the fourth recipient of the F. Darren Smith Award of Excellence. The presentation was made today as part of the annual Stanhope Workshop in Charlottetown.

While recently retired from London Police Service, Deputy Chief Shea continues to be an active participant in dialogue and action for police learning and leadership in this country.

For more than a decade, Brent has volunteered his time, knowledge, and experience on a variety of fronts, including the development of policing competencies and integration of technology-enhanced learning, at local, provincial, and national levels.

“Brent has a solid, nationally-focussed strategic approach to learning and training standards,” says Geoff Gruson, former Executive Director of the Police Sector Council and who has worked closely with Brent over the years. “He has a keen interest in the evolving learning model but, more importantly, recognizes that collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the sector are critical to our collective success.”

Brent has been a leading contributor to the learning and education dialogue and has served on numerous steering and working committees that have pushed the conversation forward. He was an influential voice in the formulation of the national competency-based management framework and under his leadership, the scope and reach of the CPKN National Advisory Committee was expanded to actively pursue key areas of interest of advanced learning models, including collaboration and new technologies.

Brent Shea is the 2015 recipient of the F. Darren Smith Award of Excellence.
Sandy Sweet presents Brent Shea the F. Darren Smith Award of Excellence during the Stanhope Workshop in Charlottetown.

“Brent has always been a leading advocate for collaboration, change, and innovation in police training,” says Sandy Sweet, President of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. “His passion has a very practical side stemming from an understanding of the competing pressures -- an increased need for more training coupled with budget constraints -- facing police organizations. He has directed his energy in helping the community find a better way. “

“This award is a great honour”, said Brent. “I’ve had the privilege of working with many great people across the country on advancing the dialogue on training and education. And to everyone here today: the work you do is vitally important and has a direct and positive impact on the communities we serve.”

Established by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network in 2012, the annual F. Darren Smith Award of Excellence recognizes and honours individuals in the Canadian police community who demonstrate outstanding leadership, commitment, and vision for the advancement of technology-enhanced learning (TEL). As part of the award, a financial donation is made in the recipient's name to Dr. John Turnbull's Research and Patient Equipment and Services for the ALS Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre.