Targeting Financial Crime: New Online Course from the Canadian Bankers Association

The Canadian Bankers Association has released a new online learning initiative for Canadian police and law enforcement professionals. Developed and delivered in collaboration with CPKN, this new course explores key areas of financial crime.

Financial crimes cost billions of dollars every year. Whether by robbery or fraud, these crimes are pervasive and diverse, compelling many police services across the country to create dedicated units to detect, prevent, and investigate these offenses. However, due to the often complex and rapidly evolving nature of these crimes, on-going education is required to effectively address the issue.

“The Canadian Bankers Association and our member banks regularly receive requests from law enforcement agencies for specialized training in the area of financial crimes investigation,” says Malcolm Chivers, Manager of Security and Intelligence at CBA. “This new training initiative will provide useful information for all police officers – from frontline officers to seasoned investigators.”


[This is] an important step toward enhancing awareness about financial crime and reducing its impact in this country and abroad...

- Malcolm Chivers
Manager of Security and Intelligence,Canadian Bankers Association


Financial Crimes and the Road Forward is a 2.5 hour online course that addresses four key areas of concern for the Canadian banking industry and law enforcement, namely bank robbery, cheque fraud, payment card fraud, and identity theft. Offered in both French and English, the course details how these crimes are perpetrated, means by which individuals and institutions can protect themselves against these activities, as well as investigative techniques.

“This initiative represents a new level of partnership between the Canadian banking industry and law enforcement across Canada,” says Chivers. “An integrated, online approach to training is an important step toward enhancing awareness about financial crime and reducing its impact in this country and abroad.”

In addition to providing its subject matter expertise, CBA is sponsoring free access to the first 500 learners to register to this course.

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