Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security Releases Economics of Policing Report

The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security recently released a report of findings and recommendations regarding the economics of policing in Canada.

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Among the thirteen key recommendations, the Committee advocates for the further integration of e-learning to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of required training. Based on testimony from witnesses, which included CPKN, the Committee learned that in addition to potential savings of 10% to 30% on the estimated $1 billion currently spent on training annually, greater incorporation of online and blended learning models can improve the accessibility and consistency of learning across the country. However, it was noted that there is much scope for improvement in the level of coordination and commonality to fully realize the benefits across the sector.

“The findings of this Committee corroborate the very real need to find more efficient ways to address growing demands in the policing sector,” says Sandy Sweet, President of CPKN. “In terms of learning and education, we’re very excited to be part of the conversation going forward.”