OPP Contributes Content for Highway Criminal Interdiction

The Ontario Provincial Police have recently collaborated with CPKN to create an e-learning course for Highway Criminal Interdiction - Consent to Search Requirements.

Based on nationally applicable content from the O.P.P.'s Highway Criminal Interdiction program, this course refers to relevant sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to explore the various aspects of consent searches, including requests for consent to search in voluntary encounters, post arrest, and post detention.

"Everyday traffic stops are incredibly important because there is always potential of exposing illegal narcotics and other contraband, identifying stolen vehicles, or even capturing wanted persons, "says Staff Sergeant Bryan MacKillop, subject matter expert for this course and lead instructor for the O.P.P.'s Highway Criminal Interdiction program. "When criminal activity is discovered, it is critical for patrol officers to be aware of the legalities of consent searches in relation to motor vehicle stops to ensure collected evidence holds up in a court of law."