CPKN News 2004

CPKN News 2004

NEW National Sex Offender Registry Course Officially Launched

CPKN, in collaboration with the NSOR National Working Group and RCMP's Learning and Development Branch officially launched the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) e-learning course today.

CPKN Launches its Police Learning and Training Network

CPKN officially launched its e-learning network today, offering six e-learning courses and more than 30 e-working tools and job aids to the Canadian police community. These initial products are the start of a full library of on-line training and operational support tools for law enforcement officers.

AMBER Alert Program Launched in Canada to Help Recover Missing Children

On Wednesday, October 20th, 2004, the Miramichi Police Force and the Child Safety Research and Innovation Center (CSRIC) sponsored an AMBER Alert workshop for coordinators from the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec. This innovative program partners the law enforcement community, media broadcasting agencies and the public to communicate immediate, up-to-date information about child abductions.

CPKN Gets Nod of Support from the CACP

Members of the CPKN Advisory Committee attended the 2004 Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Conference in Vancouver from August 23-25, 2004.

Board Members Assistant Commissioner Earl Moulton and Superintendent Graham Muir, along with Chief Edgar MacLeod, President of CACP and Les Chipperfield, President of the Canadian Association of Police Educators (CAPE), made a presentation at the Plenary Session, announcing the creation of CPKN and urging the Chiefs to support this important initiative.

CPKN: New National Initiative Addresses Police Training Needs Via Internet

The official announcement regarding CPKN was made at the CAPE Conference in Calgary, Alberta in May 2004. CAPE participants showed a great deal of interest in CPKN and were asked to contribute by completing a Needs Survey to determine priorities for training.

The results of the survey have been analyzed and the courses deemed to be most important to the Canadian police community are being developed into e-learning products.

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