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Terrorism: A New Dimension in Front Line Policing

Terrorism: A New Dimension in Front Line Policing

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Illegal terrorist activities such as recruiting, fundraising, and weapons procurement occur across Canada. These acts not only threaten the security of Canada but also other international jurisdictions. In many cases, it is frontline officers and their ability to recognize the potential significance of things they see in their daily activities that play a critical role in identifying threats to national security.

Developed on behalf of the Counter Terrorism & National Security Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Terrorism: A New Dimension in Front Line Policing was produced specifically for frontline police. It reviews the indicators of terrorist activities, the legal authorities related to terrorist activity, and the proper channels by which to report suspicious activity or incidents.

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This video is intended for all police officers.

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This video is provided by RCMP National Security Criminal Investigations.

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Content Provider: RCMP National Security Criminal Investigations

Language: English

Length: 27 minutes

Release Date: 2011-06-23