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Seized Firearms Safety

Seized Firearms Safety

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Whether conducting searches, seizures, routine investigations, border checks, preparing court room exhibits, or entering/ admitting evidence, the safe handling of firearms is your responsibility. Safely handling firearms in the course of your duties will simplify your work, increase efficiency, and improve your ability to function with firearms -- it may even save your life!

Seized Firearms Safety is an interactive e-learning tool designed to instruct on basic firearm safety in accordance with the Canadian Firearms Program’s Canadian Firearms Safety Course. This course will develop recognition of firearm types and actions and will provide operational knowledge to allow you to unload and “prove-safe” most of the firearms you will encounter.

** This course contains extensive video content. A high speed internet connection is recommended for optimal viewing and performance. **


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Recall the acronyms of ACTS and PROVE as prescribed by the Canadian Firearms Safety Course
  • Define firearm and differentiate between muzzle loading and breech loading firearms
  • Identify firearm types
  • Identify the major assemblies of a firearm and their corresponding parts
  • Identify the common firearm actions
  • Understand the purpose of the action components
  • Understand the evolution of muzzle loading ignition systems
  • Identify muzzle loading ignition systems for Matchlock, Wheel-lock, Flintlock, Percussion and Electronic ignition
  • Identify the component parts of Flintlock, Percussion, In-Line Percussion and Electronic single barrel muzzle loading actions as well as Percussion Revolvers
  • Unload different firearm types and actions while observing the acronyms of ACTS/PROVE
  • Explain the requirements of the Firearms Act and its supporting regulations with regard to the safe storage, transportation, and display of Non-Restricted, Restricted and Prohibited firearms


Target Audience

This course is designed for all police, law enforcement and other government professionals who handle firearms in the course of their duties.


Content Provider

Content for this course was developed by the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program.


The development of this course was funded by the
Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

Price: $25.00

Content Provider: RCMP - Canadian Firearms Program

Language: English / French

Length: 3 hours

Release Date: 2012-07-13