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Forensic DNA Evidence

Forensic DNA Evidence

The use of forensic DNA evidence has a profound impact on criminal investigations. The ability to differentiate between individuals on the basis of their "DNA profile" has resulted in more reliable identification of criminals, the establishment of innocence for wrongfully convicted persons, and the capacity to link crimes not previously believed to be associated. As with any form of evidence, police officers, conservation officers, and other law enforcement personnel must collect, handle, and store DNA evidence according to accepted methods to ensure its validity at trial.

Forensic DNA Evidence provides officers involved in the investigation of criminal offences, including serious violent crimes, sexual crimes, and other major crimes in which forensic DNA evidence may be utilized, with a comprehensive understanding of the DNA warrant provisions of the Criminal Code, case law, and evidence collection issues.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Recall the basics of DNA science and its uses in law enforcement investigations
  • Identify biological substances and other unusual exhibits that may be used for DNA analysis
  • Recall DNA evidence collection issues
  • Recall the definition of "accountable contamination"
  • Recall the ways that DNA evidence results may be reported and interpreted
  • Recall the procedure for obtaining and executing a DNA warrant
  • Recall legal issues related to forensic DNA evidence
  • Recall the federal DNA database legislation and how it affects forensic DNA evidence

Target Audience

This introductory level course is designed for police or law enforcement officers who may be involved in investigations in which DNA may be used as evidence. It is an effective training resource for new personnel, but also serves as a useful reference or refresher for more experienced officers.

Content Provider

Content for this course was developed by the Justice Institute of BC.

The development of this course was funded by the
Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

Price: $25.00

Content Provider: Justice Institute of BC

Language: English / French

Length: 3.5 hours

Release Date: 2010-02-11